[…] The story of “Mother Superior,” set in 1975, follows a nurse (Isabella Haendler) who is hired to assist Baroness Heidenreich (Inge Maux) in her impressive mansion, who suffers from Parkinson’s. The nurse knows that the key to knowing her past is there, since she was given up for adoption and does not know about her origins. There is a connection between the two that neither is willing to talk about.

The film premiered at the Slash Film Festival and recently won the best picture and best director at the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival.

“My work often deals with faith and ideology. The power of imagination fascinates me. Meanwhile, the connection between fascism and the occult is a topic I’ve been researching for years. The existence of women’s movements dedicated to National Socialism was something new to me. So, I decided to delve into this paradox,” said Wolfszahn.

Black Mandala straddles production and international sales and was founded in 2017 by Michael Kraetzer and Nicolas Onetti. Kraetzer previously created labels such as I-ON New Media for distribution in Germany and Mandala Films for distribution in Australia, New Zealand and the U.K. Production credits include “Inbred” and “Nightmare Radio.” Onetti is based in Argentina.