SOVIETOPIA is a feature length documentary film, pursuing leads to a Utopia in the hinterlands of the former Soviet Union…

All creation is transitory, nothing is enduring. To portray and emphasise evaporating time justifies the pleasure of its mesmerising gaze.

We journey on a quest to forgotten places scattered across remote regions of ex-USSR countries, tempting their rediscovery before nature takes them back into its womb. Framed by imaginary architecture - ranging from avant-garde Constructivism to neo-classical Socialist Realism to futuristic Soviet Brutalism - all carry the reflections of a deserted ideal. Our adventure will take us to the end of the roads and further - these secret loopholes of time, far beyond the present we inhabit, are sanctuaries from triviality and gates to profound perception.

The past may be seen as a vision of the future, the future bears the past inside. 

Through memories of individuals, closely attached to the locations captured, we delve into abandoned dreams of the future and reflect on the past - with the aim of cherishing the effects of hope and conviction, generating a vigorous force and implementing grand visions, ideas and fantasies that have moved mankind forward - but also to observe the consequences of delusion, mistaken evaluations of what is achievable and the post-apocalyptic traces that overly ambitious projects left behind. These socio-political phenomena are etched deeply into historic cycles of humanity.

The most powerful spheres of our life are fictional constructs but since we believe in them collectively they become a reality. 

The poetic images are underlined by a dynamically intensifying atmospheric soundtrack created by the Russian band MEGAPOLIS - their album “из жизни планет“ is based on scores of Soviet films that were never realised.

Every profit is made by the expense of a loss, as every end bears a new beginning – thus the world reinvents itself perpetually.


Currently we are in the process of fund raising. So far we have gratefully received both the script & the project development fund from the Austrian Film Institute

Since the start of this project three scouting trips have been undertaken - to the region of Murmansk in the north of Russia, to Lake Baikal in Siberia & to Abkhazia, a partially recognised state on Georgia's territory.

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